Friday, August 19, 2011

First "official" Week of School - wrap up

weekly wrap-up

Seeing how we now school year round, it's really hard for me to know when to start and stop a school year. Some of our curriculum has been used longer than a typical school year, for example Story of the World took us over 2 years to get through. Eagle also started Life of Fred in June, which for most was the end of their year. So as far as planning for the year goes, I've mentioned in a previous post, we just carry on with the next item on the list (the list in my brain and half written down somewhere - haha).

We took a full 3 week break at the end of July. Schooled 2-3 days the first week of August and last week my boys were in VBS. So I then planned for this week to be our official start date. 

Our week.

Painting our paper mache globe.

Trying to classify shoes for Botany. We soon gave up, and now we're half into classifying LEGO instead, much more fun (and easier, BTW).

Very proud!
He loves, loves this geoboard.

We read CAPS FOR SALE and throughout the week did this hands on learning from Jolanthe.
More in another post.

love it!

more of that activity from Jolanthe.

We started a paper mache globe project from our A Childs Geography book, which we love. It seems that crafty school projects take so much time out of our day and seem to suck the life out of me. It's just easier when babies grow to be kids and mommies gets more sleep, it makes for a happier day. Wouldn't you agree? 
I'm also trying to let go of a rigid book work schedule again this year and have more FUN. 
Hands On Fun! 
I've intentionally picked some curriculum for the hands-on learning aspect. Really just more CM style in our house.
As Eagle gets older, I place more on his school plate, in terms of individual study. Before I sat to write this, Eagle came to me and said that I gave him nine school things to do today. I thought for a moment, is this too much for him. Hold on.
I looked at the time, it showed 5:00 pm. "It shouldn't take him all day", I thought. I grabbed a red teacher pencil and marked his schedule up with time frames which he should be following. What I ask of him is not too much. I added it all up in front of him and it came to MAX: three hours. Now, just so I don't scare you, today (Thursday) is a heavy scheduled day. Most days are two scheduled hours not three.

Overall, it was a good week. The middle of the week was when Daddy had to step in to get our boys to get on task. Lots of character building going on at our house, with kids and adults. I'm learning so much every time there are situations. 

  • remembering to seek God 
  • remembering not to lose it.
  • remembering, "they are kids"
  • remembering they will grow up
  • remembering I am their nurturer, their safe place (that's a big one for me)
  • remembering that GOD is ALWAYS GOOD, He will not leave me (my family) nor forsake us. He guides us in paths of righteousness for His NAMESAKE. THANK GOD!
  • remembering to be THANKFUL in ALL THINGS.

Zazu's (age 5) favourite book of the week

weekly wrap-up

Head over to Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers to catch what other families were up to their ears in this week.

We're heading out to the Grandparents for the weekend. 
I may have a few pictures of a special event.

This weeks WEEKLY WRAP UP link. Check it out.
OOPS! I'll have to link up when I get back, she hasn't posted it yet. Have a great weekend.

Gotta run!

Good Day Friends, MO

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  1. Great week! I don't really appreciate crafts either...they take too much time all around: prep, execution, clean up, pretty much need a whole day for that! But I try and they seem pretty happy with my rare and meager attempts. :)

    I'm all for getting children to be independent. It takes time and consistency, but eventually you'll have teens that will be able to do most if not all of their school work independently, it's really a blessing!

    Blessings on your next week MO!



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