Monday, August 15, 2011

TOTSCHOOL with Alba - 25 months


This picture celebrates Alba's FIRST time having her face painted. She's a pink kitty.

 I took the kids to INTERPLAY, our local street performance fair. There were many free things for the kids, the face painting not being one of them. I didn't mind paying for all three kids. I looked at it as a fun experience and great memory for all of us. 

Alba was mesmerized by the children's performers, she did great the whole afternoon. The sun was shining making it a nice hot day for the event.

This is Eagle up on stage. Zazu also went up in the same act. It was awesome!

There was a craft tent hosted by our local non-profit family resource centre called The Hub. 

Alba had such a great time painting. 

Zazu also joined in.

This is not me holding Alba, it was a random volunteer that decided to help Alba go down. She was very nice, I appreciated be able to stay on the ground for a cute shot of her coming down.

The boys had VBS last week, so Alba and I had Mommy/Daughter time together, which was great. We met a friend for coffee one one morning and went shopping for groceries and odds and ends for school.

I posted something new in our little nook beside her Tot shelf. I bought a few clearance items from Staples some months back, this 0-30 frog card set being one of them. Alba was calling the frogs beetles for days, it was cute. I've added a small bin filled with a hand full of books. I'd love to put a small picture Ikea shelf or that rain gutter shelf up to display books but this will just do fine.  

My Favourite ALBA photo from our Picture Day

Ever thought about joining up with TOTSCHOOL
Go see Carisa's little place on the web, where every Sunday she posts new photos along with activities with her Ladybug. She's currently diving into more of a Montessori style approach and it's intriguing. Check it out, along with tons of other Mommies with their cuties. 
Lots of ideas to include in your day with your little ones. 
Here's the link for this weeks fun.


  1. Awesome fair!! I haven't seen anything like that around here.

    Popping in from Tot School.



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