Friday, March 26, 2010

Preschool Corner-2 weeks - time with Mommy

I don't spend time playing (school time) with Zazu everyday, but then we don't consistently do school everyday either. I tend to do activities with Zazu at the beginning of our day when Eagle is working on his own or during Alba's nap time. When we do sit down together I feel so blessed. I find that he respects and obeys me more when we spend this time together compared to the days when we don't do school as a family or I don't spend special time with him.
Funny how that is.

This was a simple find the hidden pictures.
Look at that dog, isn't he so thoughtfully coloured.

This puzzle I received from a friend and I don't know where she got it from. I'll have to look around online maybe. It's neat, having 3 puzzles in a bag. A giraffe, which has a capital letter on each piece. A frog, which has the lower case and ... ? another animal with numbers. Sorry, my memory isn't working at the moment and I'm not about to go digging for the puzzle. We had fun building the puzzle together.

The following are pictures of a fireman lapbook we worked on from Homeschool Creations.

Zazu did very well with patterns. He caught on right away and built 2 on his own that were correct. It was enjoyable.

This puzzle was challenging for Zazu but he loved it.
This was his reaction when it was finished.

Matching the spots to the correct number.

Counting the spots.
Favorite activity (so far) in the lapbook. While working on it he told me that he really liked it.

He's sounding out "T...E...N".

We also played shadow matching like memory match.
Kids at this age seem so easy to please. Play a little memory match and smiles appear.

Front cover of the lapbook.

Inside the lapbook.
If you noticed, I printed everything on regular paper and glued card stock, card board (cereal box) or coloured construction paper to the backs of pockets and game pieces. I also made a pocket for the puzzle pieces.

The back.
I guess he wanted the back to look good too.

Thanks to Jolanthe for the Fireman lapbook.
It's great!


  1. Yeah!! So glad that he had fun with it! :) I'll have a police lapbook coming soon too ~ my boys are loving it!

  2. The fireman lapbook looks so cool. I think my kids would enjoy it!



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