Monday, July 11, 2011


The boys have been occasionally working on a dinosaur lapbook over the past 2 months.
Most of the contents are from Homeschool Share.
I also went to Enchanted Learning and with my subscription printed off a few more things. 


This is Zazu's lapbook. 
I really appreciated that the Lapbook was from a Creationist view which lines up with what we teach at home to our kids. We had some interesting conversations about before and after the fall. The boys still bring up the diet of dinos including other meat eaters. Just the other day, somebody said, mosquitoes were probably somehow plant eaters right mom. This look into dinosaurs from a creationist viewpoint really opened up new conversations and understanding with other similar nature topics.    

His favourites were the colour by number (addition) page and the My Dinosaur page.
I love the creativity. It's always about the spikes. No matter what kind of creature Zazu designs, spikes are most often a necessity. I just laugh; he's a boy.

There wasn't enough room for Zazu to do his copy work on the original printed Enchanted Learning Dinosaur Booklet pages. I cut out the picture and info and pasted them to our M&S story telling paper. I like the pad of paper compared to
 another kind that I have. It's thicker and a brighter white. 

We read books and did other activities related to dinos. These activities were not mandatory, just for fun with our look into dinosaurs.

DINO mix & match pieces.

Here is a puzzle and fun dinosaur sticker activity book.

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