Friday, February 24, 2012


weekly wrap-up

This week... 
Wow. Really it's been so so long since I last threw one of these weekly wrap-up posts together. It feels nice to take some moments back to reflect on the week. 

The boys.
Just to catch you up; the children I currently educate at home are Zazu (age 6 or gr.1) and Eagle (age 12 or gr.6), with Alba (2 years) who is tagging along for the ride and wanting to take the wheel most days.

A couple days ago I switched out Zazu's Copywork for Little Boys for his A Reason for Handwriting-A. I realized that he can't really read the sections well enough to really understand or see the reason in what he's writing. It was a task that he needed to do because I said and not one that he saw immediate value in, which is important to me. I think he was on lesson #22, when I pulled the plug. I'll most likely re-introduce it at a later date sometime next year. So, as of today he's on day 2 of lesson 4 in A Reason for Handwriting-A. We read the one word together and on day 4, we'll read the whole phrase together in plain english, which he understands. I don't read enough old literature, poetry and KJV to him, so it's a good thing I jumped in there, before he started hating copywork.

Eagle has been moved up to play with the competitive boys in indoor soccer. I was joyfully surprised when he'd been asked to move up. He's worked hard with skills training over fall/winter and deserves a shot with the better players in the league. This is his second season playing the game, his first was two years ago, so this fall was quite new again for him, but he's doing it. We're proud. On a side, we were finding it difficult to get him to care for anything lately. His attitude was lacking, but since his skills in soccer improved there was a slight shift in his attitude. It's a joy when you see your son want to achieve!  

As part of our Exploring Creation with Botany lessons, there are always fun hands-on activities to dig deeper with the kids. I was surprised to see at the beginning of the lesson, there was to be a flower dissection right away in the first few pages of the lesson. 
Now to be honest, I don't really do crafts, activities with the kids all that much... phew. That felt great to get that off my chest. I get so consumed with the basics that, unless the book tells me to do something I just don't. 
We haven't worked on our Botany lessons in over a month. I read the first page (about a month ago) note to the teacher section, which said to have a flower on hand. Oh boy, what was I thinking doing a botany study in Northern Alberta, in winter, combined with my lazy school get to it later attitude....
woah.. easy girl. 
*light bulb moment coming up*
All I had to do was go to the flower shop for a flower. 
It only took me... oh... a month to figure that out.  

As you can see by the photos, I did it. I finally got that flower.

And boy did we do some dissecting.

Zazu loved holding the flower in the in-between time that I was cutting it up.

The boys did a superb job.
We all had fun with it.
Zazu (with help) and Eagle glued and labeled their lily.
And into the notebook it went.

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This has nothing to do with school. 
I just wanted to show off my new 3-tier cooling rack. *snicker

Have a God filled weekend,


  1. You know I love the nature study + notebooking combo! Nice! I pinned one of the pics to Pinterest.
    I have a three tiered cookie cooling rack. LOVE it! Bought my mom one for Christmas last year too. They are such a wonderful space saver.

  2. Am I the only one that wants to know "what" you are cooling on those racks?? They look very tasty, what ever they are! LOL

    1. I call the cookies "granola bar cookies", sorry no recipe really. I'm that kind of gal. I used several cups of slow oats, about 2 cups of some kind of flour (not wheat), 2-3 eggs, a big jar of apple sauce, coconut oil, salt, and a dried fruit-seed-nut trail mix. So they are like a granola bar but in cookie form. They're healthy and yummy with very little sugar. Hope that helps. I'm a bit of a Canadian Granola Girl -haha, which you'll notice if you surf my blog.

  3. what a great idea - flower dissection !! Thanks for sharing.



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