Wednesday, September 28, 2011

DIY Lunch bag

Hey there!

Just wanted to show what I whipped up while the kitchen is under construction. From three old pair of pants I sewed up lunch bags for my three little people. I saw this idea somewhere online so I thought I'd try it. 

A Quick How-To 

  • I just cut off a good bit of pants leg, enough to keep larger food items. Allowing my kids to reach down into the bag. Basically deeper than an ordinary brown paper bag.
  • Flipped it inside out and sewed it on the end where it cut, showing the nice hem of the pant leg already existing. 
They are REALLY basic, nothing fancy, just a sack really. No velcro, no buttons, just a sack.

Eagle's bag is the dark jean material. I folded the corners in and sewed to create a flat bottom. I attempted to do the same with Zazu's (light jean), it didn't work so well. So the seam ripper came out and I left it as is. Alba's is (can you guess) the pink one. And yes, they were my pants. I went through a coloured pants phase when Zazu was a babe.

Finally, you may know that we home school, why would we need lunch bags?
We are using them while travelling this week and next. Airplane food is expensive and I really just want to have a bag for each child to dig into while on the road driving to different adventures. Honestly, I'm not a fan of items full of characters, like Disney and such. I may, while at Grandma's or when we return dig through my notions for a little something to decorate the plain looking lunch bags, but until then this is it and I like it fine.

 It was a great creative outlet for me to sink my small amount of renovation stress into.

Good Day Friends,

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  1. Such a great idea! And taking ones mind off of stress is good too.



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