Friday, September 23, 2011

Week 6 Wrap Up - In Ontario

weekly wrap-up
*This has been scheduled for today.

Right now we are probably at my sister-in-laws, enjoying my nieces, the apple trees, the smell of those blessed pigs, the goats across the road and maybe even crickets. 

Our home is just the way we left it, really messy.

My friend tells me that before she goes on any trip, as her husband is loading up the luggage she's found scrubbing floors and cleaning that last bit before she leaves the house. I'm normally the same way, well maybe not the floor part. Both the hubs and I dislike mess when we get home from a trip.
BUT, not this time.
This time is not normal.
And that's OK!

As for school.
I've brought math games, art materials (hopefully Grandpa will join us), and the e-reader. That's it! I love it. Dropping our usual schedule of latin, writing, science, math, etc, to just enjoy what God has in store, just the five of us. 

By this time next week, we'll be on our way home.
Hopefully the following week I'll put up tons of photos of our learning moments on our trip.

Hope you enjoyed your week and the week to come.
I probably am. Not quite sure yet, as I'm writing this before I even leave. haha

Bless You Friends!
Catch ya later,

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