Saturday, July 9, 2011

no garage sales, but GOODIES found at the LIBRARY

Garage Sale Treasure Button

I didn't go out last week. Just cause...
well I was tired from our week.
We had a homeschool picnic, a funeral (very sad), a BIRTHDAY for our little girl and a beach day at our local lake. I was drained by the time Saturday came around. I got up thinking about checking the local listings but I sighed and thought maybe next week. We didn't do any sit down learning that week which probably would have sent me over the home school mommy edge. 

We made a trip on Monday to the library and look what I found.

I didn't take pictures so I'm just putting up the links (pure laziness).

all for $2.00!
The Great Undersea Search (Look, Puzzle, Learn Series)
Zazu loves search and find books!


Ancient Egypt: The Collected Letters and Mementos of an Ancient Egyptian Child - will be great when the younger ones study Egypt. It has a secret compartment filled with sturdy cardboard artifacts, like a comb, pendant, amulet bracelet, etc. cool 

Garage Sale Treasure Button


  1. I'm sorry about your week...funerals are so hard...sending you a hug from Minnesota! Love the books though! Library sales are so fun!

    Hope this week is much better and filled with all kinds of joys and blessings!

  2. Oh I miss library sales!! You made some great finds. The Children of the North looks really interesting. Sorry for your hard week :(.



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