Friday, July 8, 2011

Kindergarten with Zazu

This week I pulled out these really cool dinosaur mix & match pieces (dollar store sorry no link). Zazu is able to create his own creatures with this set of parts. He had me take multiple pictures of his creations. I was happy to do so. He's so used to the camera during school time, well especially when we did TOT SCHOOL together; my camera was always snapping away. It seems now that most of the camera focus is now on the new TOT in the house, Miss Alba. So when I can I click away on his work. 

I've realized that taking a photo is more than a casual "good job", or "looks nice bud", stopping to grab the camera means "I want to take record of this", "this is important" which translates to "you are important". 

I'm able to capture a moment that speaks to his heart without having to say any words. 
You are SPECIAL! What you do has value.

I am not shy about putting a dirty mouthed little boy up here either. I'm the mom that is buckling seat belts and checking faces to make sure they're clean before we go anywhere. I'm the mom that has been known to lose her cool for telling a child to wipe their face after eating and they then to find out they hadn't.

So, here he is. A cute little boy, fascinated with a book about ants. I'm proud to say that I took the picture anyway, without telling him to go wash his face first. The moment was more important than missing it for a little mess.

Here's a portion of what Zazu did this week in pictures.

I had started Zazu on A Reason for Handwriting: Level A: Manuscript Student Workbook last month, but it doesn't seem to be a fit for him at this point. So this week it was back to a more hands on and just different approach for printing practice from Starfall, as seen below. 

As of this post Zazu is on Lesson 40 in Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. I told him when we working working on #40, "You are almost have way, just 10 more lessons!". He didn't seem as thrilled as I was. 

Zazu started Math U See Alpha last month and he seems to be really enjoying the build it, say it, write it aspect of the program and he is moving along through the material well.

 BoB Books are a treat. At the moment I schedule  BOB Books: Sight Words - Kindergarten andBob Books Fun! Level A, Set 2 (re-released as Bob Books Set 2- Advancing Beginners). By far the Sight Words pack is his favourite. At this point he gets frustrated quicker with the level A set 2 pack. Besides our reading program, I've noticed that these are the only books he doesn't get frustrated over.  


  1. I'll have to be on the look out for the dino set at the dollar tree I hadnt seen it. Looks like Zazu really enjoyed it!

  2. What a fun week. I love the dinosaur set! I think I have posted a fair share of messy kid pics over the years as well ;) I agree, it is more important to treasure the moment than to worry about little messes...



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