Friday, July 8, 2011

Organization with Small Children and Tots

I struggle with it. It's a constant battle in our home. ORGANIZATION. As a families needs change, the way you organize should change with that, right?
I've done it again. I've RE-ORGANIZED. I bought a small 2x3 shelf which fits beside our television cabinet and the hallway. 

Good novels and living books sit on the top shelf. Alba's TOT stuff in the middle. Great old books which are on most homeschool book lists are on the bottom. I was leery at putting the my fav's on the bottom shelf but I chose to let go of that issue. If those treasures were hidden away, would they ever be opened and dog eared and loved by my children, probably not.
We own a second hand Copernicus teacher cart, which I've called our learning buddy in a previous post. I currently use three of the small slide out bins off the cart to host items like beads, puzzles, etc (quiet activities) for Alba. The bins fit great on the 2 foot wide space. I've tried to keep the TOT bins on the cart but I'm finding she needs her own separate area to explore with specific items. Crayons, paper, paint, etc are still kept at the cart or in the storage area and brought out to use at our Little Tikes table. It's been about 3 weeks since we've officially got back into a more structured TOT time with Alba. The new placement for those TOT SCHOOL items are working great for the moment, which pleases me. We're able to plot ourselves down in the middle of the living area in front of the TV cabinet, which helps resolve items scattered across the floor, which I dislike immensely.

More on organization to come...

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