Tuesday, July 5, 2011


The birthday girl with her brothers.

Mama and Alba cutting her cake

I made the famous rainbow layered cake with a cashew frosting (light brown) and lemon cream cheese (pink) frosting. 

Other than having my parents by for the day for Alba's birthday. The week was filled with outdoor fun. I took the kids to our local lake to play in the sand and water. It was great to be there and in the sun. While putting the post together, I'm peeling on my right shoulder from all the sun exposure last week.

She's on her way to destroy Eagle's early stage of castle and moat. With a toddler running around we all have to practice patience and even forgiveness, well let's just say the FRUIT of the SPIRIT. Eagle was not pleased after giant Alba destroyed the castle.

She's much more adventurous than last summer.

Along with the beach fun, our HS group got together for picnic and games.

This is probably the only shot of indoor ToT focused play time, in only a diaper and clutching 2 babies in arm while figuring out a puzzle.

The FIRST thing that is new this week are ALBA's the WORDS! We say, she repeats. ALBA is a little parrot. It's like the whatever it is that clicks in our brain, CLICKED. It's a riot! AS I'm typing, Alba walked up and said "picture me", "toe". She wanted a picture of her toe. Cute stuff! 

SECOND new thing - Twirling! or "PIN" (spin) as Alba says it. This is new territory for me and I'm loving it. Really, what boy twirls? ok, maybe don't answer that.
She uses shirts (which were once purposefully worn as a dress) to spin with. Ya I do that. I think it's great to be able to use clothing over again, I'm thrifty like that. My real life friend and I also use 6-12 months leggings for our 18-24 month girls. With petite frames I guess they can get away with it. It's great.

oh- and the fits (which aren't really that new), they're not so cute anymore... she's currently insisting on colouring in a BOB book and I'm not letting her.

I need to wrap this up, to take my kiddlets on a walk. I just said "walk" and she's now prying her brother from a book, yelling "me park go, VOK (walk), FEEP FOP (flip flop or sandals)".

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  1. Oh my look how big she is! I too am loving the girly stuff around here and the parrot phrases coming out of L's mouth!!!

  2. Wow she is growing up so fast! and I love love the cake!



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