Wednesday, July 6, 2011

number 5

Eyes wide, moving here and there on every page that turns. Ears fixed to their fathers voice as he carefully pronounces each word. That orange shirt. That darling index finger hooked in the mouth. Focusing, taking it in. They take it in. 

I take it in. This moment. 

Pictures snapping in the middle of a sound. Hair slightly swept over his forehead.

This image. Ones like these I pray to keep in my bank of memories. 

Daddy and little ones on the love seat like this - like this. The green pillow which is often used for pillow fights tucked behind his back just how he likes it, how I also like it. That finger, that finger fits just there, because there, is how the book sounds better; so it seems. 

What is the book's subject matter? 
The title? 
Does it really matter? 

The closeness. 
Taking the time to value and invest into the littles. 
That matters. 

I am thankful.
For this moment to make it on my list.


1 comment:

  1. I love being an onlooker to those special moments too!



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