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It was a very full week with Alba, full of playing and exploring. I started noticing a little while ago that I needed to get back into Tot School. She has become quite the busy little girl. Wanting to stamp and paint (all the things I need to do with her), I've never really been able to set her down with toys and expect her to be entertained while the boys have my full attention. The quiet time that needs to be spent with the boys needs to be done during her nap. Unfortunately she's never been much of a napper, so the boys (Eagle really) have to focus during a short period of time. Kids are all different, which makes home educating interesting.

For a long time, Alba seemed to be drawn to 24 piece puzzles. She's finally interested in these 2 piece alphabet puzzles. It's a joy for me, because I don't have to calm her down because of frustration and I kind of got tired of doing puzzles and having her watch. "more", she'd say, I'd break it apart and start over. love kids! 

She built this tower on her own and was very thrilled.

Look at the tongue!

Big brother joined us and he amazed her with his tower.

Down it went.

Alba likes to pound with the hammer and peg toy. I pulled it out for a couple days, she went to it the day I did. I have to be careful, it's like the puzzle; if I attempt a go, she'll quit and make me do it all. I'm noticing I need to say, "your turn", and vocally direct her more than actually using my hands to show her with some things, not all.

Super mom, I tell ya. Stamping and painting in one sitting. I don't like mess. So this was super.

This was the same day as the stamp/painting. I must have been in a really SUPER mood that day. I let her play at the kitchen sink and I encouraged her to wash herself along with the plastic bowl. I left her there and attended to the boys, which worked out well.

Scrubbn' the belly.

Another messy thing. Wow, I told you I was super last week. *I'm laughing*
Gluing stole her attention for a LONG TIME. Great stuff that glue. I did leave her after about 10 minutes; another activity that she spent a long time doing. 

The fight was on when Zazu noticed she was fishing. Oh my, "you'll have your turn after", I had to say over and over.

Alba can't really get the full benefits of this Melissa & Doug Magnetic Number Maze yet. The object is to get the little red balls into each animal space matching the corresponding number. I gave her this toy to see if handling the magnetic pen while trying to move the balls around was possible. I demonstrate how it was done a few times. She enjoyed it briefly and just went to shaking it around to move things around. I see that she's know there's more to it and is trying really hard at it. It'll be fun when she can. 

I had seen on a blog somewhere a use for the 30 count egg carton. I just decided here to let Alba sort bunnies. She now sorts by colour on her own, which didn't take long to catch on to.

These are not counting bunnies. They're from an easter bunny tower game, a $1 from walmart.    

It was cute to see her grab her broom and dust pan to sweep the counting cookies up. Since this day I've actually looked for cookies and can't seem to find most of them. We'll have to go on a cookie hunt this week.

Yes, we have an ipad. Eagle won it at a volunteer appreciation night. It was such an amazing thing. We had talked about buying one - maybe. But it was just not a priority at all, financially. I let Alba play it once a week on her own time when, again, I'm trying to work with the boys. So in this instance the ipad apps are little 5 minute babysitters. Sorry, at least we don't have cable.

Qwirkle Cubes came in the mail recently. Yeah, it's like Christmas in July when we get parcels in the mail. (not that Christmas is about stuff, don't get me wrong - it's the expression) Moving on, the kids love playing the game Zazu loves stacking and making patterns with them also.

Cute hair day!
Just thought I'd throw these in for fun.

Love my Miss!

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