Monday, July 18, 2011


ALBA is 24 months.

1+1+1=1 is the host of Tot school. If you you have a toddler join up and if you have any questions, check out Carisa's blog for more info.

Can you guess what the following is?

Here's a closer look. Any guess' yet?


You can't really see them that well, SORRY.
Almost fully developed. They were white with dark eyes, and all there body was formed. I've never actually seen this stage before. It was a little creepy at first for me, but I eventually warmed up. I have to try to like bugs (or pretend to show an appreciation for them) if we are to do nature studies in our home education.  

My husband is building a play structure. Eagle wants me to point out that he also helped. A cement block was lifted and there lay a whole bunch baby ants in a nursery. Well, that's what we called them for Alba. The adult ants were rushing around very quickly to carry the pupa down tunnels for protection. It was quite the sight to witness. 

She sat there for a long time, and eventually all the ants were down the tunnels. 

At this point she wanted me to dig them up so she could watch them more. Alba would dig and then watch. It was sweet. Eagle was telling me to leave the poor ants alone so I stopped, he's such a kind boy.

Other than playing with bugs and dirt. There wasn't too much inside structured play time.

Sorting colours all on her own! 
Alba grabbed the plates and cups and started sorting.

I've been setting out the Crayola Jumbles for a while but she didn't have the dexterity or strength to put them together until this day, which was an accomplishment. It's funny how she made the cute grunt sound and crunched a mouth that formed on her face while sticking these little guys together.

Alba'a favourites of the week.

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  1. Your daughter is an absolute DOLL! She has the cutest nose ever. As for the ant pupa...I think I would have been a little creeped out, too!



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