Sunday, August 14, 2011

Picture Day 2011/2012

We went to the nearby school for a photo shoot.

The biggest and nicest trees in the neighbourhood happen to be there.

I tried taking a group shot and all I got was silliness.

And a cute little girl who couldn't get enough of the camera.

Fish Lips!

Fish Lips!

more Fish Lips

I had them make fishy lips to help them smile when it was time. 
It worked well and it was really cute to take photos of fishy lips.

I thought I'd get into the shoot too.
Teacher and Students.
They each took their turn taking pictures of each other with Mommy. 

Our Homeschool Class of 2011/12

Grade 6
His favourite subject is Math (Life of Fred) & History (Story of the World)
His favourite books are Adventure Books (T. A. BarronAnthony Horowitz, Left Behind: The Kids)

Grade 1
His favourite subject is Science (Exploring Creation with Botany)
His favourite books are Animal Books (specifically Lions)

Her favourites are colouring/drawing (drawing circles), Dot Painting and the playground (the swing and slide).
Her favourite books are Olivia, Harry the Dirty Dog, A Hat for Ivan and any lift the flap book around. 

Now that you've taken a moment to glance at these photos. 
Why don't you take another moment and pray for all homeschooling families, for God to continue to do mighty things in their lives through Him and for HIS Glory. Thanks for praying!

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Good Day Friend, MO


  1. Gorgeous children MO! Lord Bless You!

  2. Thanks so much Mrs. Taffy.

  3. Your children are so adorable! I love the fishy lips!

  4. wonderful photos! so fun! love the fish lips :) happy school year!

  5. Thanks for the reminder to pray: praying for freedom to continue to homeschool, and family building.

  6. jeffreymwhite1 - I totally agree with you about FREEDOM. Let's just say it's not as popular up here as it is in the US, although it's gaining by leaps and bounds every year I'm sure. I still get that email once in a while about the government trying to change something, usually wording (which as we all know can change a lot). I run into more people that think homeschooling is the way to go, that somehow the system failed them and wished they were homeschooled.
    Thanks for your comment.



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