Friday, August 12, 2011

2011/2012 Homeschool Curriculum

...with a Charlotte Mason Flavour!


It's Curriculum Week at Heart of the Matter
I'm a little late on this but I'm participating.

WHERE do I begin?

well... I started splitting our year into 3 terms last fall and also tried year round schooling, the spring also brought consistent Family Work time. Sticking to terms, well... it fell through. Year round, WORKED! (lowered my stress significantly) Family Work, it's working well.

These three decisions majorly influenced our curriculum. 

Just click and you'll see what I've planned to use, so far.
We've already been using half of these resources for some time now. Some others are either quite new to us and there are a few new and yet to be used. And well music study for example, I just linked a bunch of selections through Amazon.

I just want to add that I'm not posting everything we use, just the main things. we have many devotional type books, but that info is for another post.

Our Family Work will consist of:

Eagle (gr. 6)

Zazu (gr.1)

In the past when my educational facilitator comes to visit in fall, I've felt like I have too much going on. But I need to remember and so I'm letting you know also, that we touch on these things once a day or once a month. Our schedule is full but not heavy. I've weighed things out and I feel that I'm on the right track, in terms of where God is directing our studies.

And about planning our year...
I'm not concerned about week to week. When we finish one thing we just move on to the next. We've come to a point now where planning is more progressive. I've sought God for more flow in our days, and it's happening slowly. If we need to tweak, we tweak. If it only was that easy some days. He's always GOOD though! 

He's always good.


Good Day Friend,


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