Friday, August 26, 2011

Week 2 of Term One - wrap up

weekly wrap-up

It wasn't much of a school week. 
Monday and Tuesday were days off because all three kids and I drove home Monday from my parents house and Tuesday I decided to call a babysitter and go golfing with my husband. The weekend was filled with lots of learning opportunities though, and time spent with loving grandparents.

We listened to this on our long drive to my parents.
Good times. "The Adventures of Isabelle" & "Joey" were a couple favourites.

at the Wild Berry Festival in my parents small town

Zazu is sitting on a carved wooden bear in the town quilt shop.

A lady dressed as a bird laid eggs and chicks for the kids.
It was hilarious!

Wednesday was difficult, seeing that we hadn't done any school since Thursday of last week, it was hard for Eagle to get going. After a discussion with Eagle, he was back on track yesterday (Thursday). It was great! 

One of the (my) highlights of Thursday was learning about Vascular Plants.

Zazu's narration.

Eagle made this lovely replica of a cross worn by a monk. 
He was quite proud of his handy work.

Eagle worked hard and tried to make up for the day before, being focused and easy to get along with. He wrote out his Editor in Chief exercise all in one sitting, which normally takes 2 school days to complete. He was determined to get it completed before Daddy came home for lunch, mission accomplished. Daddy gave his son a high-five to congratulate him on his efforts. At 5pm Eagle was still at the table determined to finish school and hadn't complained about not playing with the neighbourhood kids, ONCE.

AND today.

Nothing really got accomplished.
Totally fine by me, they earned it.
Friends we hadn't seen in a couple months came over for lunch.

We made: 
Ogre Salad Sandwiches (egg salad)
Swamp Soup (ground moose & squash soup)
Villager Salad (mixed veggies & greens) 
Frog legs and Frog eyes (cucumber slices & green beans)

It was a fun afternoon. My friend and I talked school while all the kids played outdoors in the beautiful August sunshine. She shared with me that spending time with another homeschool mom while discussing what works for them and what doesn't and so on, really encourages her. She likened it to a mini-homeschool conference, which really made sense to me. Every time I float around the web, poking my head into what's going on in other homeschools I get encouraged and challenged also. When my friend left, I was uplifted and rejuvenated.  

What was your week like?
a headache?
a joy?

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  1. Your week sounds a bit like ours. We got back from a trip on Monday and just took things slow. I love your menu and your fellowship with your friend. I don't have a close friend that homeschools, but just spending time with other like-minded women is nice.

  2. We have those kind of weeks to, and my girls are 13 and 10. I love the leaf page.

  3. Sounds like a great week to me. You got some time away with your husband and spent an afternoon talking to a friend. We all need that sometime.

  4. Love the leaf page. Glad you had a great last day!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Love the leaf page too, the idea is from Exploring Creation with Botony.



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