Friday, August 26, 2011


Not Back to School Blog Hop

We are NOT early risers, although there have been days where I am up before the kids. I have night owl syndrome. (he he) As I get older I now realize, I function better behaving more like the typical type of bird (early to bed - early to rise = makes a happy mommy). Summer helps, with sun rises very early up here.

Our breakfast, chores and maybe some exercise worked in before we start any school activities. Our typical start time for school is 9-10 am. I sure wish it was earlier.

The Boys Chore & School Schedules (idea from Jolanthe).

This is a general outline of our week for Term One.

My little Miss Alba ready to start her morning, watching as I start my chores.

The children all eat before morning chores.
I need the kitchen clean before I eat my breakfast.

So while we all do our chores I also consume some of my breakfast.

First I drink 4 cups of filtered water mixed with 1tbsp of psyllium husk.
Water and fibre to start my day!

This is my real breakfast.
You may see on any given day in the blender, kale, lettuce or my favourite - chard, mixed with all these other goodies. 

Me in my running gear. (ha ha) Not that attractive, I know.

After morning chores and some exercise it's off to school.

Our Family Work is always done first, it actually begins with our chores and then on to devotionals, Bible, read-alouds, science.

Spelling Wisdom

Taking a break with Duplo blocks

Family Work is at the top
Under that is Alba.
Then Zazu 
and lastly, Eagle.

The list of subjects in each box is in the general order also. Although I do allow Eagle to work on what he needs to at his own discretion. Zazu gets everything plunked into his workbox.

Apart from our scheduled curriculum, we always have hoards of library books on hand. 
I strongly encourage reading in our home. By the early evening and it depends on the seasons, winter usually causes more reading to occur. There are certain times of the day where the kids just pick up a book and sit cozy while glancing at pictures, getting read to or reading on their own.  

It's a typical day like most of yours I guess.

On top of our school studies it's sports and other activities.
We also have a Daddy that now comes home for lunch, so that's a cheer to start our afternoon. He also works shift, which is 7 days working and off for 7 days. Although he does work overtime or extra shifts on his days off. So, on Daddy's days off school is often put aside or done with a lighter schedule. 

So maybe our day isn't so typical. 
Who takes days off of scheduled school to hang with Daddy?
We also do school on Saturdays if need be, which isn't so typical either. 

What's your day like?

 Not Back to School Blog Hop

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