Monday, October 11, 2010

On Purpose - An Introduction and Testimony of Totschool

Alba (15 months)

I've decided to start recording what my little miss is doing on a more regular basis. I used to do this activity weekly with Zazu. I wrote about these toddler moments on this blog and called the posts Totschool.
Totschool comes from a little place in the mommy blog world, 1+1+1=1. I enjoyed participating in Totschool so much that I want to do it again with Alba.

It gave me encouragement and accountability. Does that make sense? Well it does to me.

Let me explain.
I posted about things that we did together, weekly.
Instead of just letting moments get away. Instead of just observing my little one while doing the dishes or surfing the net, I would get down with him and play. I would journal or blog about it and take photos of what our weeks entailed. Then linking the post to Carisa's Totschool post. It was simple to link up. I could get a look at what others did that week, which helped in the idea department for the following week for me and Zazu.

As you might have realized, Zazu wasn't really schooled like my other son. Valuable time was spent with him. Together we learned and grew. Together.
In my first year of homeschooling it was easy for him to get left out if I didn't
participate weekly in Totschool. Playing, singing, crafting and loving my little man ON PURPOSE with Totschool.


They're toddlers ONCE.
Alba is my little miss only once.

The toddler years are short and oh so special and Carisa's Totschool helps me catch them while I can, on purpose.
Thank you Carisa.

I don't think you realize how much you've impacted others.
Thank you for being a bloggy friend to me.

Looking for Tot School?


Alba is 15 months.
She loves to use her voice, climb and love on all of us.
She's curious and enjoys seeing what she can do.

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  1. My little one is 15 months too. I'll be looking forward to your Tot School posts!



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