Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Toddler is Turning into a Preschooler

I just signed up with Tot School with this post. For more of Tot School go here.

As moms we often look at our children and ask ourselves "Where did the time go"? I just did that today, again. My youngest was doing a big ABC floor puzzle yesterday and to my amazement he was managing quite well all on his own. As I watched him working so hard at finding the right piece and fitting it in, I reminded myself that the puzzle has come out of the closet for him only a few times. I thought, he can't do this by himself yet. 

Think again mom.
I then decided that today I would give him a lacing card and a lace to see what he'd do. I didn't think his attention span would outlast the activity because till now, lacing beads have only been used as balls to throw around the floor. To my surprise, he loved the lacing card. He wanted me to make more and he specifically asked for a green horse so I printed a colouring page, glued it to a cereal box and punched holes... and voila. 

I made a pocket to store the lacing cards and any extras I make, just in case he really latches on to lacing.
My little guy is growing up.

Good Job little man.


  1. I know it seems like Ethan is growing up so fast. Hey we are going to try the whole potty training thing next week. Pray for us!!!

  2. What fun animal lacing cards!

    Welcome to the meme!


    Little Blots of Faith

  3. Thanks so much for joining up with Tot School, I love your blog and will look forward to seeing your posts about tot school!

    I put a tot school linky up new each Sunday night (sometimes Mon morning :)) So, if you have a tot school post each week like I do, you can link up each week. I do a week in review, saving all of my photos from that week and then posting at once. And yes, you did link it up correctly. :)

    Thanks for your comment of encouragement also, sometimes fear even gets ahold of me. I pray daily for His protection. I thank YOU for going on your walk anyway and trusting God instead of your fear.




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