Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tot School - D D D !

I finally bought new batteries for my camera and here's the first shot of my 2 yr playing with matching cards printed off the net. We didn't play a game because he's still learning the concept of taking turns. As you can see he wanted to sort the pairs and then he moved on to something else.
Which was... awesome. My little 2 yr old grabbed the crayons and pad of paper and practiced writing letters. All on his own. I love when kids want to learn without any initiative from mama. He was writing the letter D. He was singing D..D...D, while drawing the circle at the top right of the paper. How exciting! 
Moving on. 

While my 2 yr was playing Busy Bugs this is what I caught big brother doing. Big Brother's really into this joke book from the library this week. "Mom...knock, knock.... haha".Spider! Which is technically not even a bug/insect. I have that beef about the game, but it's so good of a game I'll let that technicality go.
He practiced all the names of the Busy Bugs, colours and I found out when we made a row of the critters that he can count to 11. Yeah!
Big Brother being the teacher, he was trying to get little bro to answer math problems. I had a chuckle, especially when all I saw was a blank look on little bro's face and then letter names that followed. He was trying to give big brother something. haha

Duplo, how we love Duplo.
I love getting hand me down toys from people. Half of our Duplo is 2nd hand and wonderfully special, like this giraffe. 
Big bro just can't resist coming to join in on the building fun. Of course the free forming montage of blocks becomes a well designed house when an 8 yr old enters the scene.

This is a close up of the 2nd floor which includes (all in one room by the way) bathroom essentials, kitchen and four beds, not forgetting to include railings for safety. There was no arguing either, good work boys.


  1. wow it is awesome how they learn so much so fast hey. and that little evan looks like an engineer with that well planned out house

  2. Hi! Welcome to Totschool! Your boys are cute. :) And I love that lego house!!!



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