Monday, June 2, 2008

Tot School

To start off with, my tot has been all over these foam shapes lately. He likes to organize them and in this picture I caught him standing the shapes up on one end. I showed him to place them in a row, then he quickly figured out the domino effect. Fun stuff.

The park was loads of fun. He is such a climber. I'm proud of his good motor skills. The tire swing was a hit. 


He painted for about an hour. I couldn't get over his attention span. He's rolling the brush, instead of how you would normally handle it. I thought it was an inventive move on his part.

Oh, I had to get a picture of my tot cutting. This has to be his favorite activity as far as crafts go. "I do it, I cut it out" he says, with determination behind his voice. Oh boy. Too cute. 

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  1. Yeah he is really developing cuting and everything... this just reminds me that I need to do more of this with Ethan

  2. cutting is a fun (for them) and scary (for mom) thing!
    My 2yo and even my 4yo are nowhere near that coordinated with scissors, though!

  3. Hi! Love your bravery with the painting! :) ha ha!
    Great post!



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