Saturday, June 7, 2008

An interesting Week

Fire struck near our home this week that needed a few trips from planes with fire suppressant. It was a few Km's from us but still in the city nonetheless. I haven't checked on the cause, but I'm assuming it was vandals. A Fire can be a bit risky here because our city is located in forest and with dry weather, well you know the answer.

Oh the Tent Caterpillars are back in full force this year. There was an infestation last year and the winter wasn't cold enough to hold them back this spring. I'm not very fond of them when they are everywhere. I'm nervous to go on walks because to step under a tree might mean I'll get caterpillars or their silk on me. ICK!
No nature walks in the woods for this lady for another month or so.

In the photo below, you'll notice the black patches on the tree are piles of caterpillars. They're not so cute anymore when they are crawling everywhere.

Hey at least the kids get to play with something new. haha 
I think they are trying to collect and save them. Such nurturing children. Awww. 

My little guy still isn't sure about picking them up. He's been stomping on them instead.

Some yahoo's decided to chop half a tree down in the park by our house. Honestly!
So what do you do with lemons, plan and build lemonade.

Taking a break from watching the big boys to say "Mommy a flower".

Nice Fort boys!  


  1. the caterpillar pick is disgusting I will not complain about my small infestation now

    and yeah I say for the perspective of children, saving the caterpillars and making a fort out of the destroyed tree

  2. Great fort, that looks like sooo much fun! and Wow, that is a lot of "pillars" you got there!



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