Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Empowering Relationships

This past weekend, my husband and I took in a DVD seminar that brought us both closer to God in a real and amazing way. We crushed roots and pulled out seeds that we have been either ignoring or just fighting with for a long time and not really knowing what it was. The group time was so beneficial, to just be able to listen, pray with and bless one another with God's promises, it was irreplaceable. The one thing that impacted me the most was when our group leaders challenged us to ask God something and to just sit quietly and wait, well the answer usually came at that moment or about a minute later. I am so amazed by His glory, I really am. There's been a change in my husband and in myself that I am so thankful of. We've been married four years and this is the first time that I feel empowered by being under my husbands covering. 
Sunday night while sending our oldest to bed, my husband spent about 30-45 min teaching and praying with our oldest about some of what we took home from the seminar. Our son was more than responsive to it, I believe that God had truly been there and was blessing the time spent. 

Last night my husband challenged me as to what I was fighting with that day, I wanted to be left alone to battle it on my own. I was just basically falling into my own fleshly pattern of not going to God when peace is not in me. My husband saw through it and guided me with Christ's love to see what I was allowing myself to be robbed of joy. In the end, I did choose to repent for my failings and then I received God's peace. I see us becoming more of a unit to be used by God. I see our future of one with victories and not of constant failures. 
I was able to learn some basic principles from the seminar that I will store in my heart for everyday use. I just ask God for His divine parenting skills for when I'm a disobedient kid (when I'm not putting into action what I learned daily), to correct me in the way I should go. So,  I thank you God for who you are and what you've done in me. 

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