Monday, January 19, 2009

We are back!

We always come home with unfinished or blank colouring sheets from church. This day Mr. Tot wanted to finish this colouring sheet. He wanted me to colour too, I did the water, the boat (he wanted it pink) and a little bit of the people. He directed which colours I had to use. 
I had fun with him. 
I gave him his basket with some stickers, foam shapes, glue, scissors etc. He wanted pink paper. Mr. Tot really likes pink lately, it's cute.


Mr. Tot seems to like lacing still. He picked out the bin himself.

And with the lacing beads he usually wants me to tie it together to make a necklace. 
Very nice little man.

Most of the above pictures were taken in one morning, because he wanted to do school like big brother. Mr. Tot seems to differentiate between doing play and doing school type things, like the photo above and below. I made a booklet of a bunch of prewriting and preschool type worksheets and this is the first time he asked to do it and knew how to do it without any prompting from Mom.


I finally made new salt play dough. 
The poor kid was playing with the same batch for about two months. 
I'm getting back into the routine, slowly but surely. 

We had fun rolling the dough while it was still warm. 
Of course he had to cut them all down the middle, I thought it looked kind of neat.

And to carry on with baking. The boys eagerly helped mix up some cookies.

It's good to be back!

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