Monday, January 19, 2009

I planned for a different day today

Oh my it's been a long time.
So much has seemed to happen, I can't really go through it all though.

We actually went skiing as a family on Friday, the weather was beautiful and the sun was bright. This is a big deal because for the last month or so we have had -30c. To get +5c has been heavenly if I could compare for one second. What a wonderful day we had. My muscles from my shins to my toosh were telling me I had a good time too. The next day I was feeling tuckered out but it was worth it.

Now, I actually cooked a decent meal yesterday, planned for school and was ready for today when, whamo! 

I had to mention skiing because that's the most activity my body has had in months, months of sickness from this wonderful little joy inside of me. Cooking a good meal and planning for school are also two things I haven't done much of at all in the last couple months.

Now, to the whamo!
I've been spotting during this pregnancy which is new for me, but this morning was heavy and didn't feel normal. I HAD planned to take the kids for a nice walk before school because of the nice weather we are currently having and because of my new found energy. All my plans changed when bleeding occurred. I waited to see my doctor which I just happened to have an appointment later in the morning for. After leaving the clinic I felt the need to go to the hospital, even though there was no heavy cramping. I took my kids to a friend at 11 am and by 5:30 pm I was on my way to pick them up.
My placenta is tearing (if that's a good word to describe it) away from the wall because of movement and shifting. I was told not to be alarmed, the baby is fine and to just keep an eye on things and to not do anything crazy (no problem there).
My friend prayed for me during my time at the hospital, I prayed (well I did have a lot of time on my hands). Every person that cared for me was wonderful. A man (staff) just passing by my room asked me how I was doing if he could get something for me. God really didn't give me much of a chance to worry or to doubt his comforting hands because every where I turned He was right there caring for me through the staff in the emergency dept.
So now instead of worry or feelings of despair that something will happen to the baby I have joy. Joy in knowing that God was shining Himself brightly for me today and in that, He was telling me He's walking with me and making my troubles lighter.

Now if He would get this spotting to stop, now I'm acting spoiled...haha

Thank you Father

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