Friday, March 15, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 10

some photos from last week...

I mentioned in last weeks wrap-up that we did school on Saturday. I had photos and totally forgot to add them, so here they are.

Alba on Starfall. 

Love, love that site. Fell in love when Zazu was a toddler. It's really a treat for any of my kids to go on a device (computer & iPad). I usually make it "Educational". Eagle gets annoyed when I pull the educational card, but, oh well. I'm the Mom(hee hee).

Our progress in Song School Latin.

And also on each of the boy's cork board they have their phonegram charts up from All About Spelling. I hope to be on our way into the next section next week. We're right at the beginning of Level One but so far, the program is living up to the reviews and hype I've read over the last few years. 

On to This Week...

Sniffles, Cleaning & Lego

Even though the sniffles have struck two of my kids (Alba&Eagle), Alba and Zazu wanted to help wash puppy drool windows. I caught Alba working hard to get the goobers off. 
My little helper!
Currclick Lego Club (Knights & Castles)

Perfect go along with our history study.

I walked into the school room to find Alba and Zazu had already started on the things I set out the night before for school in their pj's. Alba said with a huge smile, "Thank you Mom for making all this for me!" I felt so special when she said that, it made my morning.

Cowboy Zazu 

Another perk to homeschooling! 
Unfortunately the toy gun became a distraction.

Eagle completed the final bridge in his Life of Fred Pre-Algebra with Biology  today! yay!
If anyone wonders, Zazu is on Chapter 11 in Life of Fred Cats
The boys REALLY enjoy Life of Fred! Math has never been the same since we brought that little 5 year old genius into our home! 

Some items on our agenda which were completed.

  • Baked Viking Bread for History (family work)

  • Botany (family work)
  • Reading

  • Read Ch.2 All-of-a-Kind Family (family read aloud)
  • Math

Considering Daddy came home Thursday, it was a little more relaxed around here. Daddy gathered everyone to pray before school (love when he initiates prayer with the family). Chores and a bit of school work were on the agenda. The boys worked on little chunks of things, like spelling, history and botany. Besides their independent work of math and copywork for the day. 

The kids and Daddy hopped in the vehicle this morning to drive to Edmonton to take in a Star Wars exhibit. It's a 3 hour drive, but for Daddy and the boys it's well worth it. Only 2 cities in Canada are getting this exhibition apparently. I would have liked to tag-along, but Daddy insisted I stay home and have some quality Mommy time. So here I am with you, and the dogs. I hope they bring back a few photos I can share with you.
I did pack a workbook and reading material for  each of the kids for the drive.

Alba is 3 yrs old
Mommy helped make a "letter E" word in the Word Whammer

E Week & 
Wrap up to The Snowy Day

We've had fun reading The Snowy Day many, many times. Alba has worked on most of the activities, and some, well just not yet. The lapbook we made will surely entertain her in the future. I plan to keep it in our cloth storage bin filled with all the other age appropriate activity books, lapbooks, and other fun things for Alba.

Melissa & Doug Cube Pets Puzzle. 
She almost had it, except for two middle pieces. 

I'm noticing that she seems to have more fun with the rice in the Letter sensory bin than anything else I put in. This week I've taken away the rice and the bin, to see if she'd be more inclined to explore the themed items on their own. It seems she's stuck between big girl preschooler and toddler sometimes. So, I'm at a loss when she proclaims she's bored.

One of her favourite tot activity, is sticking tooth picks in a spice container. I set it out for her, but she wasn't interested.

If you read previously, Alba and I planted Touch plant seeds on Valentines. Things weren't looking great in the germination department, so I covered the dirt with plastic wrap last week to help keep the top moist. I think it may have helped. We checked on the Touch Plant seeds today and there's GREEN, wonderful living green! I think I may need to do a little research on our new plant, to insure it's continual growth.

We had a GREAT time painting together!

And food...
Quiche (spinach, shredded potato, cauliflower)

Printables used in this post
ABC's (1+1+1=1's Animal ABC'sPuppets)

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    1. Thanks Mrs.Taffy
      So nice to have you stop in. I can't really have you over for tea can I? So this is the next best place I guess. haha
      Have a great week!

  2. Beautiful week and fantastic photos! Love all the hands-on learning fun:) My girls loved the All-of-a-Kind family.

    1. Thank you Jenn! It was a good week. I hope to keep up the momentum.
      We are enjoying All-of-a-Kind Family.

  3. Oh it is such a treat to find kids working without you, isn't it? And that quiche looks delicious. I have a weakness for quiche. Thanks for linking up to HammockTracks and I hope you'll return this week.



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