Sunday, March 17, 2013


Chugga Chugga up the track...

I'm writing this in the midst of optimism.

I love these times. I really do feel optimistic. You may wonder why I feel the need to write about feeling optimistic.

Maybe it's the fact that spring is around the corner?
Yes and No.


When I look back on the last couple weeks it's been pretty good around here, overall.

The past couple months however, I've been climbing the big hill mountain in hopes to eventually gain enough momentum to cruise along the track with ease.

Climbing up that mountain, I've felt in my case, included setting up house, which affects our home school. This entails forming new habits with new responsibilities. Because of our location out of any town or city, Daddy working away, and the two new dogs. We've got heavy loads on our train cars, but we have to get up that hill to get things done.

Charlotte Mason refers to good habits as following a track. I find, that since moving here it's been quite difficult to lay down train tracks or rails of habits. School days have been more often than not, hard work and don't flow as I wish.

I played this video for my kids (but mostly for me), to teach a little lesson on hard work and to motivate us to keep going even when it seems hard.

We can learn a good example from that little engine.

Alba commented on how the engine helped the other out. Sweet girl.

It does take team work to run through our days. To get things accomplished and enjoy eachother in the process.

Just a thoughtI wonder if The Little Engine knew Charlotte Mason.I Can I Ought I will, ...I Can I Ought I will, ...I Can I Ought I will! CHOO CHOO...!kidding
Press On Dear Mothers,Mo

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