Thursday, March 14, 2013

Book Review

We had received a book from Booksneeze ages ago. I had my son work through it as part of school. It took months for him to read each chapter and write a summary. I waited for him to finish so I could post his review. Well, since then, we've moved, finally located the book and his narrations and now I am finally posting his review. Unfortunately because it took long long to review, and since Booksneeze has changed some policies, I cannot get into my account to properly post a review.
So I will just go ahead and post the review on here only. Hopefully it helps someone out there and it was a really good experience for my son anyway.


Rating: 8.5    Reason: Some of the chapters I did not do because the content was not suitable for me.

This book is a good book. It talks a lot about questions and ideas that really make you think. Some of the content is for older kids. So I recommend it to everyone thirteen and up. When I was doing this book I would write about the chapter in a notebook. One of my favorite chapters is chapter eight, were it talks about how we always imagine Jesus having white skin when it really was darker because he was jewish. This book is also split into sections. The first is myths about God and the second is myths about Jesus. The third is myths about the Bible, then the resurrection and then Religion and Christianity. The last is about life and happiness.    

Review by Eagle (13)

*We received a copy of this book in exchange for a review.

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