Saturday, January 12, 2013

I lost track, so... Week 1 of 2013

**Here's a little run-down of what's been going on around here.

It's been roughly 7 months of inactivity on the blog, June - January. 

Selling and moving can do that to people; me anyway.

The last 2 months have been filled with settling in from our move, holidays and taking a little break from formal studies. 

Wednesday we celebrated the first born into teenage-hood. Wait, is that even a word. Ah, whatever. Moving on. 

Eagle is now 13! 

We celebrated the morning with pancakes and 13 candles on top. An added touch being my fine skills of scribbling on with teal tube icing his name and age with no other room for the usual celebratory wording of "Happy Birthday". We were all out of tune for singing to the teen, I'm sure. But he kinda likes us, so we're golden!
We officially started back to school on Thursday of this week. Giving grace to the fact that we adopted 2 dogs just the week before, had a birthday and Daddy was still on holiday Monday and Tuesday. 

Two days under our belt so far for 2013. Hooray! 
I almost want to celebrate that achievement. 
I know it's kind of sad, but, you don't know my last 2 months.

As far as school goes, no pictures were taken and it was very light, meaning two subjects were tackled each day. So nothing really thrilling to mention. Although Zazu most definitely had issues getting back into the routine.

So I thought I'd throw in the following instead which includes photos from our time in August (we year-round school) in place of our actual week two very short days of school time this week. The photos show a more refreshing time, full of energy and joy in a more productive season which I desire greatly right now. And in the dead of winter, at the beginning of something new like this; right now, I just need this. And it just feels good to look at summer photos when there's currently snow on the ground, wouldn't you agree? **

 * This is the original post which I never posted. 

--------From November 17 2012--------

Where to begin...?

It's been exactly 5 months since my last post. Talk about a break! Jeepers.

We've been homeschooling AND moving!

It's been a long and sometimes crazy time since we listed our house for sale.
There's so much to say about the months past and the transition to come, but really it would bore you. So here are some visuals from a wonderful August. When days were easy going, because I allowed God to lead them.

It was full of.... well, you'll see.


vocabulary building

letter writing


tricycle riding

frisbee throwing

apple eating

girly moments together

creek watching

rock collecting

nature observing


field running

and plain old silliness with the big boys

This last photo seems to be the last one I can find on the camera taken at our old house. 

5 1/2 years of memories!

Live full in Christ friend and have a wonderful week of educating at home

Mo @ Liveswearegiven

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  1. I've missed you! So glad you are back. I really wanted to see your remodeled kitchen though. I hope you love your new house! :)



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