Friday, April 6, 2012

Week 35 Wrap Up

We had a really good week.

Last weekend finished up the indoor soccer season for both of our boys.

Last Friday (forgot to mention this last week), we had our third Presentation Day (since I've been with the group) with other HS families. It was a good morning of sharing along with a few performances. With all the business with our life lately, I didn't expect my boys to present anything this year. I am the organizer, so I've felt obligated in the past for my kids to have something prepared. This year I let go and just asked them to bring their favourite thing, and they could decide to talk about it or not. Eagle brought his Geography notebook, but chose not to speak and Zazu brought Botony and chose to briefly say a few things. Zazu's favourite page in his notebook was his flower dissection page, he spoke briefly about what Botany was, "the study of flowers". It's actually plants, but who wants to correct a cute six year old, when with a slight smile o his little face says "the study of flowers". My boy likes flowers. He'll be a great husband one day. 

Now on to MONDAY

Our week was full, and to start it off was as always, chores, then to a little book work.
After lunch we had our friend over with her little baby girl, which was such a treat. Zazu was able to hold her for a moment, which really warmed his heart. 
Those moments are times when I do the "school vs homeschool" scenario. Do you ever do that? I do it often. Now, if Zazu were a typical classroom kid, he would have missed out on cuddling our friends little girl just after lunch on Monday. He would have also missed out on Eagle's Lego Club live class through currclick that afternoon.
Monday was the first time we've actually been able to log on to be part of the Lego class. Our schedule or lack of time management prevented logging in. We were thrilled when I happened to be organized enough for Eagle to participate. Eagle enjoyed the class. He anticipates the next class. He found it interesting to be able to chat with kids not just in the USA, but in Australia.  

This windmill came out of the Live Lego currclick class.
TUESDAY was my morning ladies bible study, and the kids stayed home with Dad to get school work done and to spend a little time at home with Dad instead of me. Love those mornings, again because my husband is a shift worker, the kids are able to spend whole days with their Dad during the week. Not possible with in a typical school situation.
Later that afternoon Eagle and I had a dentist appointment. It went well. The hygenist refreshed Eagle in proper care of his teeth and gums. We also talked about braces for him and maybe an invisiline product for myself. It was a good day.

As you can see, we are nearing the end of winter here. Although there hasn't been much of winter here or anywhere else for that matter. Nothing like kicking around a soccer ball in a light sweater and big winter boots. My guys are cute.

WEDNESDAY, I took the opportunity to book a study room at the library. Zazu had a hard time focusing, wanting to drink and drink and run to the bathroom, and whine and drink water and whine. 
We were meeting some HS friends to play at the facility (library is part of it) after, and getting things done with a good attitude was a requirement to have play time. I made it clear several times what was expected and the possibility of missing out. He missed out on most of the play time. Lesson learned. I always, always cave. I didn't this time, because I felt convicted if I continued on that path of feeling guilty and caving in, that in the end I was doing him a disservice. 
The HS guilt. Do you get that too? The empty threats then the, "It's OK if you don't do that, or have a bad attitude about that, you can still play with a HS friend, no problem." The as some nonHS people might call it "socialization" or how I like to call it "hanging out with somebody other than your siblings and mother all the time" syndrome. Let's face it. Sometimes I just need to talk to someone else other than my kids, and well so do they. That's the HS guilt. Putting aside what you had planned or warned them not to do or do. And that's why I ALWAYS cave, execpt for that day. I hope he learned a lesson. I felt good when I did it too. Empowered almost, like "you're not walking all over me today kid".

THURSDAY was another full day. We had a little birthday party to attend in the morning. I booked a couple hour time slot to get school work done at the library again that afternoon. The time in the study room went much better if you're wondering, than the day before.

Now that brings us to...

We spent the day resting from our busy week. Eagle read a book, I rested on the couch in the afternoon, while the little two played with Lego and school toys. If you are wondering what school toys are. School toys are anything that is obviously educational and it's always kept in our storage room. 
Example: Stringing beads and play-dough is kept in the educational section, only to be used during school time or if I pull it out on a separate occasion. Look down you'll see the robots Zazu built, they're a school toy, but with Lego as the exception.

Hot Cross buns (store bought) were for snack. 
Eagle really enjoys these guys, they aren't my favourite.

I asked Eagle to look for the connection with Hot Cross buns and Easter in this book, Lilies, Rabbits, and Painted Eggs: The Story of The Easter Symbols
It turns out Christians and Jews weren't the only ones eating these. There seemed to be connections to non-religious activities as well. People used to eat them on Good Friday for luck that their house wouldn't be plagued with fire. Some people even hung them dried in their homes to ward off evil. We talked about what this was called. 
Eagle got it. Superstition. Smart lad!

The following are a couple shots of what Zazu worked on on Friday and wanted a photo of. 

Happy Christ filled Easter,

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