Saturday, April 21, 2012

Nature Notes - Turkey Vulture


I always have good intentions, Nature Study in our home school is one. God brought us a gift last week. On a drive to another city, I saw what I think was a Vulture. It and several Raven's were scavenging on a large dead animal in a clearing along tree line. Here's a visual for you. Where I live, the next town is roughly two hours away. For roughly two hours all you see around you are trees, a bit of water, and the occasional moose, deer, bird (usually raven). So to see this large bird was amazing for me to see. Looking on the internet all I could find similar to it was a Turkey-Vulture, apparently all we have in Alberta. It had light brown/grey feathers with a speckled light grey all over. The head was not red like pictures. Unless it was a young bird, is my guess, looking just like the picture below. The only unfortunate thing about this story is that the only people in the vehicle were my husband (driving) and I. Wish I had my camera ready. I happily told Eagle the story this past week, but he was obviously not amazed as I was. It's always better seeing God's creation in the natural rather than in a book, isn't it?

A twist to the story. Over a month ago, Eagle was telling me from a library book all the many birds of Alberta. A Vulture was one of those birds. I remember stopping what I was doing running over to look and amazed that I had never known there to be vultures in Northern Alberta. I was shocked! Growing up, I always thought vultures were a bird of the south and other countries. God is so cool to show me this bird just weeks later on a drive down a road we always travel on. God is good!

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