Friday, September 9, 2011

Week 4 Wrap Up - Learning can be Messy

Thursday I thought I'd walk around our kitchen/living room area and take a bunch of photos of our learning mess. I used to be embarrassed if someone were to walk in my house to see all this going on. It took a while, but I figured out that kids make messes and kids who home school should make more messes. 
Here's a glimpse of our learning. 
We have a 4 person table and a 5 person family, which is a tight fit. So the blocks and some books get moved onto the floor to give us more work space.


Books are ALWAYS on the couch, which frustrates me at the end of the school day/week.

Moms make messes too.
This happens to be my mess of scheduling books for reading and laminating.
I love laminating!


Ah yes, what a combo.
I'm not entirely sure but it looks like we might have been teaching the Cabbage Patch doll to read while playing the tambourine to Mozart.
What do you think?   
GOALS for the Week
I had goals this week. Goals of making a Mommy binder. This is our forth year home educating, you think by now I'd be on the ball with this sort of thing. I'm not quite finished the Mommy Binder. I am certain it is a skill, one that I plan to conquer. Let's just say I'm discovering my administrative side, slowly.


Didn't quite make this goal. I took a picture of it though, ain't isn't it pretty?

I pulled out a file folder game for Alba this week. She's growing up so quickly. This is the first time she's been interested and able to do this type of activity. She thoroughly enjoyed it. Zazu continually wanted to play with it, asking "Can I help you?". Funny boy that Zazu. 
This week was our first time participating in Sketch Tuesday.
All three kids joined in. I unfortunately did not. I hope to join each week, but alas, duty calls sometimes and I will try next week. Last year we completed one drawing, that's besides the drawing class I taught for home schooler's last year. 
You'd think with an artsy momma, they'd get more exposure to that art stuff?



This (Friday) afternoon was all about filling water balloons with the neighbourhood kids.
Mighty fine fall day if you ask me!
Thank you Lord for this weather, it is beautiful.
Eagle has done a superb job this week with school. He's been motivated and on task, trying to complete his school day by 2pm. He met quite a few frustrating moments of a brother not wanting to work as efficiently during our family time, I think he held his temper quite well. 
Yesterday we hit the SPCA for the first time. He loved cuddling and playing with two kittens in particular.
Three chapters of his Life of Fred math were completed yesterday. His words were, "I had so much much trying to figure out the LCM, ya I think that's what it's called"
Every week I have lofty goals to read to him during school time. It's really not happening. Every so often while I do make time, but not nearly as much as once a week. He reads to me almost each school day. I'm now scheduling books to be read. Hopefully it will be more than good intentions. Follow through is my weakness. Other than my good intentions, math is a joy with him. He gets it. I am noticing that he is much like Eagle, in that he may not need all the practice that Math U See offers in their student books. In printing the alphabet, letter Q is where we are. Letter sheets Starfall is currently the printing practice of choice.

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