Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tot School - Skim Week

ALBA ~ 26 months

Tot School's been a little skim this week as well as last week. I've been so focused on the boys and organizing that Alba has been put on the 'little burner on the back on a low simmer'. 

"Just hang on, Mommy will do something with you" 
..."Yes, Miss just wait" 

She waited... and waited. 
Finally by Wednesday of this week I finally lived up to my promise. 

In the middle of doing a puzzle (I left her for a moment to tend to lunch), she turned into a little performer.
We've been listening to a lot of Kickin' It Old School  The hand weight became a microphone.

Alba really enjoyed this file folder game from homeschoolshare.

Participating in Sketch Tuesday with the boys.
Zazu was drawing a lamp so I gave her a little notepad to join in.

*Just a note about notepads
Both Zazu and Alba love drawing and writing in them; actually Eagle even still does. I usually pack a couple for a road trip and for church. They are small enough to fit inside a pencil case or a pouch of a backpack with a pencil.

I've noticed that the little ones often want to be a part of things. That's just as much important as spending one-on-one time with them.
Her little yellow school book came from that. It's just a half size ruled exercise notebook and this year I purchased her very own pencil case.
Alba loves toting around the two, like she too needs to get down to work with us. It's the cutest thing! 

Tot school is hosted by 1+1+1=1
Here's this week's link

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