Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Author (to me)

Have you walked through that same library isle say a dozen times or more and one day BAM!, a glorious find strikes your eye?

I am often amazed to find good books which were previously playing hide and seek with me.

My children seem to always gravitate to those and the dreaded readers. Don't get me wrong, readers are fine in their own right but real literature that you can sink your teeth into in picture book format is what I desire to expose my children to. Trying to veer away from the short, nonsense, thoughtless children's books; that seem to be everywhere.

I've unknowingly struck gold. Not only are the stories filled with richness and life but the illustrations, especially in a couple are just lovely.

Sarah Plain and Tall, ring a bell?

Well my bell tower rang loudly when it finally clicked into who this writer was. I honestly felt like such a twit not knowing that these books came from Patricia Maclachlan, a name I never previously recognized. I was never a reader growing up, at 33 I'm just now reading for leisure learning. I've been in the home schooling trenches only for three years and for I know all you vets, especially the homeschoolers of 10 years+, are thinking, "well ya!".

If there's any of you out there?

Anybody who isn't familiar with Patricia Maclachlan, please check out one of her books from your local library. If not now, remember her for later when your wee ones are a tad taller.

Have you heard of or read to your young ones any of these?

Now, because of these finds, I'm filled with excitement to pick up the dear Sarah Plain and Tall for a read aloud. I too, am now one of those giddy mommies swooned by certain treasures which line book cases.

Good Day Friends, Mo

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