Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tot School - ALBA @ 23 MONTHS


It's been so long since I last participated in Tot school. Writing has also taken the back burner for a while now as well. When each of my homeschooled children are pulling at each arm for attention (not literally) I find it difficult to have focused attention on my daughter. Well I'm re-learning the art of ON PURPOSE yet again. Photographing and organizing time with my toddler has been sporadic, but I pulled it off last week. Now that she's a whole lot older than in my last Totschool post.

She was 15 months

A week before her 2nd birthday. Now look at her. AND that hair. The round face is slowly disappearing.

We used our Discovery Toys stacking cups and matched them to toy kitchen plates. The same was done with links on plates. I was surprised at how well she could match colours. 

AT this point her knowledge of shapes and matching where they go isn't important. I tried showing her by placing a purple square on a card. She enjoyed just placing any old shape on a card. Which was fine by me.

Brother had a good time. Alba also liked balancing the foam shapes on the cards and then presenting them to me, like she was serving me dinner maybe. It was cute anyway.

Thought I'd throw this one in. Good fun washing playing in the pail of soapy water with Daddy. Ya she likes running around in a dipe often in the heat, I don't mind.

I took out the sacred beads. I call them sacred as a joke really. It's just that they're small and I don't want them all over and I especially don't want them in her cute little mouth. The beads fortunately went right into the ice tray. We placed them and I counted them and I sorted them by colour. She likes beads. 

I have to build something usually for her to actually play with the Bristle Blocks. Alba loves the funny faces on certain pieces.


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