Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Garage Sale Treasure Button

I must say right up front, I AM NOT A REGULAR GARAGE SALE GAL. I haven't hit a GS since about oh.... 6 years ago. Boy, did I get a taste this weekend! Also, in my neck of the woods (quite literal WOODS), sales are on Friday, SATURDAYS and Sundays. Mostly Saturdays as you might have noticed with the all caps there. Any who, back to my finds.

This is a combo of 3 sales. A large bi-annual fundraising BABY/TODDLER GARAGE, a small CHURCH sale in someones garage (which I thought driving by a sidewalk sign was just a regular personal garage sale).

It was pouring rain that Saturday, but I was in the mood. We were soaked but I was hopping with glee. My boys were so helpful and seeing it was their VERY first time at this I told them that "whatever they see, I'll buy (within reason). My tactic is that this will be the start of their cooperation to be drug along while I peruse to my hearts content, in hopes it would wet their whistle for G-Saling. We'll see if my little sly scheme will work. What do you think???  
On to the SCORE!

board books for Alba- $1
pants for Alba- $1
remote control car for the boys - $1
Tom Thompson canadian art puzzle - $2
pot for Me- $2
insect gears, Zazu- $4
princess bristle blocks for Alba, although Zazu's been playing with them- $1
lego - $2
lincoln logs (biggest score from the baby/todd sale!) - $4
(not shown) rollerblades for Eagle - $5 

Have you ever had one of those thoughts that go like this:
"I'd like to find one of those things" and God answers. I've been looking around at the dollar store, Walmart for a little handle tray only for about a week for Alba to lug around with her little crayons and such. BINGO! Found one at a Garage Sale, YEAH!

BLUE TRAY $1.00, I think?

WOW! That was fun. I think I'll try it again this weekend. Thanks MRS.TAFFY for hosting this meme. I always look at your goods thinking to myself, "Oh, good for her!".


  1. Looks like you found some great things! Thanks for linking up!

  2. I love finding something I am looking for! Love the bristle blocks, too. Great deal!



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