Saturday, June 25, 2011

Book Review - What in the World is Going on?

I've decided to start reviewing books on my blog. My first book arrived which I immediately flipped through and dug into. That was the first day. Day two and after, I hadn't seen much of it, though I was not concerned in the least because my loving husband devoured it.
The book which was sent for review is :

Heard of it?
Well I listen periodically to Dr. Jeremiah on Focus on the Family radio. So I thought reading what he had to say about end times might be interesting.
My husband had read spit-its to me at bed time and I loved listening to the enthusiasm in his voice as he read.

As a Christian of 8 years. I'd like to think of myself as a person with average knowledge of end times. So, what I think. It's concise and to the point. It's logical, no fancy jargon, which is excellent for the average person like me. After reading the book, I had a better understanding of the history and the influences related the our present day and future. 
The most important part of this book is the education factor. People are deceived and Christians are deceived as well. As a people, a nation under God we don't know our history well enough. This is a very important issue concerning parenting especially. If our children are to grow up in this world, inherit it after we pass; What are they going to hold on to as truth? This book tackles lies that are very wide spread. 
Many a Christian seem to not have any care of their future, many seem to care but are confused and double-minded. Dr. Jeremiah resolves confusion and destroys lies from the enemy with the word of God. He includes many historical events to explain our current state in the world and biblical events and prophesy to explain our future. The book puts to rest fears and doubts that even though there is a known coming of age where earth's people dwell in turmoil, there is a hope greater; JESUS CHRIST.
A quote that struck a cord in me:
We can easily see and resist the effects of jihad in militant terrorism but we have trouble seeing and resisting the mere subtle strategy that the Muslims call fatah. Fatah is infiltration, moving into a country in numbers large enough to affect the culture. It means taking advantage of tolerant laws and accommodative policies to insert the influence of Islam. in places where a military invasion will not succeed, the slow systematic, and unrelenting methods of fatah are conquering whole nations.
from What in the World is Going on? Dr. David Jeremiah
This reminds me of God's constant reminders and discipline of His people in the Old Testament of the Bible. The people were warned over and over not to mix with other nations, not to marry their women, to destroy their high places, etc. Look at Samuel as an example of this.
Overall, this is a book that will stay on our shelf. My children will also use this book as a type of reference to acquire better knowledge of their current and future world. 

*This book was sent to me for the sole purpose of my personal opinion and I was not paid to review it.*

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