Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Failed Nature Study - or so I thought.

We went down to a creek near our home today with a couple neighbor kids to check out some bull rushes. The rushes are actually situated in a ditch.
(I didn't take this picture)

Our bull rushes were all cut down by the city unfortunately. By chance I thought maybe there could be a couple left still standing, but alas there were none. Al we found were tons of mosquitoes, ya you'd think I would have put the 2 together. Stinky ditch water=mosquitoes. AND NO I didn't pack the bug juice. We were blessed to see many dragonflies hovering and hopefully eating the multitude of mosquitoes that wanted us for dinner.

We have had oodles of rain and to our surprise, the kids spotted or should I say stumbled over giant mushrooms.

Our outing wasn't a loss.
We got to see some really big fungi.


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