Friday, March 12, 2010

Preschool Corner

Sometimes I get discouraged about the lack of living space in our home, but that's another post.
I roughly use the workbox system for our learning time. Eagle uses a simple file box to hold his daily schooling items. I use time, work with mom cards, etc. that are attached to each hanging folder. It takes up very little space, I'm able to keep it on the school shelf beside the kitchen table where we do most of our sit down learning. It works really well for us. Now that we are doing more pre k type activities with Zazu and with k-1 coming up, I found it important to schedule him in. The whole schedule/planner thing hasn't really been working for me. So I like being able to throw stuff into the box the night before. Time with mom is so important. Previous to this, I was haphazardly spending time with Zazu. Now that I'm using a really basic approach to the system with Zazu, our time together is deliberate and not rushed, which makes our home lighter and time together much more enjoyable. There's even been less misbehaving, I assume it's because of the one on one time with Mommy. I wish to incorporate this method with Zazu but on a larger scale more similar to the actual workbox style next year. I introduced Zazu to the storage tower last week and he immediately caught on to the concept. He knows that the top box must be completed before the one under it, and so on. The tower is 5 tiers, so it's not intimidating at all (for me).

Puppet making.

Picture find within a picture.

We love this book.

Love it!

We are slowly getting into the seasons, months and days of the year. We sang the months of the year song and put our calendar cards on our magnetic white board. Our large classroom calendar is just too big for our home.

Speaking of magnets.
I hid some paper clips and magnets in the rice bin and gave Zazu the U-shaped magnet from our set to search with.

He had a blast!

I picked this book up from the dollar store last year, I wish I would have bought another.
Slim Series
(this is not what we have, we have the Addition one)

They are great. After every page there is a spot to put a gold star.

Zazu was really eager to put his star on. I was able to use the GOLD STICKER to my advantage, saying that if he re-wrote a sad looking number then that would help him get his star.
It worked!

Good Book coming up.

I picked it up from our library. I would like to buy it because we really enjoyed it. The book is broken down into 5 units: flowers, fruit, gardens, nuts and seeds, and trees. Each unit has 4 pages for nursery rhymes, discussion questions and activities related to the unit.

We played a little memory. (the original)
Good fun.

after we finished playing Zazu counted the pairs all by himself.

got the right number.

15! pairs

We read this The Little Island and I printed off a free lapbook from Homeschool Share. We have only reviewed the animal cards and searched for the critters in the pages of the book. I really don't know how far we'll get with the lapbook, because it seems a tad advanced for him.
Oh well, reading it is great still even without the lapbook.

Phonics Fun!
Zazu played the letter sound matching game again this week.

AND of course.
There's always lots of:
  • hugs & kisses
  • LEGO
  • playing outside
  • helping Mommy
  • looking at books alone
  • making up silly songs
all through out the week.



  1. I really like all the workbooks you have, they are all so colorful! We love memory match here as well.

    I look forward to following your blog!

  2. I love the book about Fruits/Nuts/etc!
    We also have found a lot of lovely gems at our dollar tree!
    Looks like a really fun week!



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