Saturday, March 6, 2010

Preschool Corner - Zazu's Week

I can't seem to remember where I found this caterpillar letter sound game. I download and tend not to write down where it's from, sorry folks. Maybe someone who reads this post might know.

Any who.
Zazu played 3 cards and then he was done. Not bad. He didn't find it too difficult. I knew, he knew his letter sounds but this was a little test to see if he could make the connection with an object. Well, he did. Pre-reading is coming along quickly and with ease. I'm glad!

This printable is a recent one from Homeschool Creations. He had trouble placing the duck, he is quite sure that a duck lives on the ocean. So after our discussion he decided that he would put the duck in the middle of the ocean and the farm.

About a month back I bought a long awaited magnetic white board. It's currently my
bestest (yes I know bestest is not correct, but I love it anyway)( school thing.
We've had this neat magnetic math set for a long time just sitting on our school shelf. I finally pulled them out. I 'm happy I did because Zazu understood making equations and loved every minute of it. I let him pick low numbers to add together. We used markers to draw shapes for visual number recognition (counting).

He did it! What a great job bud.
I actually had to stop because I needed to make lunch and Zazu insisted on moving along without me. I called me over a few times with numbers like 112+10. "Well Zazu, I don't think Mommy can help you right now, you can play with the numbers on your own if you want." In that sentence I actually considered teaching him larger digits and place value, when I stopped in my tracks and reminded myself that would be, a, well silly and he was 4 and well, I'm trying to make lunch. Eagle asked me if he could teach Zazu place value, I chuckled, smiled and said "Thanks bud, but not today".

What eager little beavers I have in my house.
(most days)

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