Thursday, March 25, 2010


I am pleased, that before watching a film/movie my 10 year old son when possible, reads the book first.

Friends of ours lent my son the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang the other day. He watched it and afterwards explained to me the differences between the book that he'd read previously and the movie version of the story.

Almost every time he's read the book then watched the movie, he seems to get frustrated but also intrigued by the fact that the two can be so different. It's lovely that he's noticed the book tends to hold the reader in with all sorts of intricacies. Details and depth in characters that a film version just doesn't have. Certain pieces of the book are not included in the movie, that, my son doesn't seem to like.

What I like, I like that he pays so much attention to what he's reading and can't wait to turn page to see what's next.

Eagle (my 10 yr old son)enjoyed both, the book and the movie. Each had it's own pleasures.

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