Thursday, March 25, 2010

Enjoying the Process

I haven't seen the front cover of this notebook for quite awhile, I mean really seen it. Of course when the binder is pulled off the shelf a glance is taken, but that's all.

Tonight I decided to take it off the shelf and admire the fine work that my son has done.
last year as well and we are just over half way through.

He is now finished the Moon.

As you can see, minibooks is our thing. I really can't imagine what it would be like taking notes about all of this, without the minibooks worked in. He's a boy, he's not inclined to writing very much. I choose my battles, writing is one.

Thank you to JFeliciano from homeschoolshare for these wonderful minibooks.

I've learned so much from God through homeschooling. I've learned that it's not my time line. It's not my agenda. It's yours, God. Loving to learn doesn't come out of forcing information into a child, it comes from spending time in relationship with Christ and each other.

I want to enjoy the process, so why hurry?

why hurry?

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