Thursday, October 8, 2009



We are home educating and living life while tending to life's little bumps. I have less time to do the things I did before and even less time and motivation to do the things I used to do for myself (this includes blogging).
Our oldest sons schooling is going great. My little tot is now a pre schooler. My little girl is a rolling over, teething, still waking at night and sleeping with us 3 month old.

Our days seem so mundane yet so eventful at the same time.
Throughout the day I pause and think that "this should be written about", yet days and days pass by and I have yet to journal with writing nor with photo. 

right now-

It's about midnight, my husband is at work, all my children are asleep along with the little darling laying beside me as I type.

---------Our family is growing, learning and loving each other.

Tonight after putting my coughing, ear ache child to bed and finishing cleaning the kitchen my eldest came to me and asked what he should do. What started as an "I'm bored" conversation quickly led to praying and just talking. I don't remember the last time we've done that together. It felt odd yet exciting because it seemed like such unfamiliar ground for him and I. It felt so nice. I enjoyed that time with my son. I'm sure he did as well.

-------What have I been up to?

not painting
reading blogs (not my own)
sewing bibs
reading blogs (again, not mine)
not taking time to have a relaxing bath
not going out on a date with my husband
breast feeding
looking for sewing project ideas (which I don't have time for)
finding white hair (yes, on my head) 
*Trying to get through this post without falling asleep

the end

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