Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I said we would do school till I had the baby. I had no idea that it would literally be the case. Our last day was Friday, June 26, I had the baby at 1:40 am on Sunday June 28. 
I had the expectation to start back to school the middle of August. It's the middle of Aug and I think we might slowly start back on Monday. A friend of mine has just been studying the Bible with her son and is adding a new subject per week.
I might just follow.
I have a hallway full of boxes including games and school items that need a proper home. That being the laundry room/storage area. My husband has promised me that we would work on that this week before we started school again. Last year everything was stored in my sons room, which was convenient at the time but not practical for the future. Future being now, with another child and soon to be pre schooler. I no longer wan any school things in any bedroom of the kids. I would like their rooms to be a place of rest and refuge and of their own things by their choosing. If that be a favorite art project to hang on their wall then thats fine, but nothing like books and things because they need to go there because there's no where else to put them.

I just want to be organized before we begin.
That's all :)

To feel comfortable I need my home to be organized. 
That especially includes school. 

So the question is???

Will we be ready for Monday?
That depends on Mommy and Daddy's team work!

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  1. About the gutter shelves {sorry your email isn't linked to your comment post}.

    We did make sure to screw it into studs. :) Otherwise we would have used wall anchors.

    When you have the end caps on the plastic isn’t too flimsy at all – and much better than having the metal bend and crack and run the risk of cutting one of the kids. :)



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