Monday, June 1, 2009


I bought a bag of coloured squares at a HS conference I went to over a month ago. I didn't know who would use them first. Turns out Mr. Tot enjoys making objects with the squares. Anything that's a school tool for the boys I try to let my youngest play with a majority of it, so it stir his interest. _Just a thought_These squares are a math manipulative and so when I want to start doing more number oriented activities with him then maybe he'll just think they're already a toy and that math is a fun school game. 

This is what he said he made.
"A rectangle, square, and a big line."

I can't leave out the "house".

I put lacing beads and coloured straws in a basket and he did exactly what I thought he'd do. As you can see he put the green beads on the green straw. 
AND Thats where his interest ended.


Playing with the magnets was fun. He separated the colours and formed a line he was proud of his creation.

The host of Tot School is Carisa at 1+1+1=1
Go there to see what other toddlers are doing.

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