Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I went to a HS conference and picked up this pocket chart for my Tot.  I bought it for next fall maybe. I didn't think he would want to work with this yet, I was wrong.
He likes it and thinks it's a game, much like all his other learning tools.

I also bought a box of sequencing cards and he thinks the cards are a fun puzzle. 
I almost feel like I'm tricking him into learning. I'm silly, I know.
 It's all fun, so why not take total advantage of the learning benefits, right.


This is a fun story book of Noah. At the end of the book is a pop up ark and a couple pages of paper cut outs. He enjoyed playing pretend and placing the animals in their "spots".

My oldest really wanted to make a his favorite cool snack, we call it "ants in a boat". 
  • A piece of celery
  • spread peanut butter inside
  • cover the PB with raisins

 Mr. Tot does not like celery, if he finds it not cooked in something he'll spit it out or just pick it out. We tried to convince him that it was "fun" that he would like it.

He reluctantly ate most of it.


Anything "cut and paste" Mr. Tot adores. This Winnie the Pooh pre k workbook was a cheap find just for something fun for him to cut and draw in. I don't use these type books for actual structured learning time. I look at these as more like a colouring book type activity.

I was delightfully surprised how the book was laid out. We even found it interesting. It follows a story line and has little activities that aren't bad either. Mr. Tot really enjoys it. We did about 6 pages in one sitting. He totally new that the stickers inside were for positive reinforcement and asked for one each time he completed something he thought was difficult.  


Having an older sibling that puts tracks together and then plays for a bit with Mr. Tot is such a blessing. They actually had a rough morning together and then what do you know, this happens. 

 Total Teamwork! 

1+1+1=1 hosts Tot School.

Check it out for ideas on what to do with your toddler. 
Or just go check it out to be amazed at what other little ones are doing.


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