Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Have I mentioned before how we LOVE Story of the World. I think I have, well I'm mentioning it yet again.

(photos taken by my son)

My son (we) really loves when he can create something from LEGO for school.
   This is an Egyptian Chariot and Horse made with LEGO.

We have yet to begin any Nature Study or Artist Study (CM approach) which I would like to do in the future. For now I'm trying to find ways of including art projects into our studies. I take full advantage of my sons love of LEGO and ask him to create things like the above photo for studying history. 

I thought he could try his hand at sand painting this time. This is a scene of the Sahara Desert from the African chapter in SOTW. It looks more topical, map-like almost. I really like it. It reminds me of a couple pieces I did in art school. His is much better than mine were. 

Kids art is so much more natural looking and less THOUGHT OUT than adults. Maybe that's why I want to hang on to all my kids work and mine, well if I run out of canvas I'll just paint over one of my old ones.

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