Friday, September 5, 2008


Ok, so this week was filled with some fun, lots of learning and a couple meltdowns. 

We have been learning about the parts of a sentence and this week we focused on the different kinds of verbs. We are using First Language Lessons and it's fun. This picture below is a paper chain to help illustrate the Linking Verb. It worked beautifully. 

"I am smart"
He had to build his own sentence.

Building sentences to help illustrate verbs again. 
We also touched on what an adjective was. 

Here's the real fun.
We just began a book study from Progeny Press called "The Whipping Boy". The first pre-reading question directs us to reading about Castles. He's read the book Castles and really enjoyed it which is awesome. I thought it might be fun for my boy to build a castle, so he did. 
I like the towers, don't you? 

We went to the library last week and to my surprise my oldest picked out a book on Thomas Edison, for fun! This was an awesome student led learning moment. I took total advantage of it. Here he is colouring a mini book on the light bulb, while little brother is enjoying his Kid K'nex.  

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