Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tot School - "The A says aahhh"

I'm trying to get Mr. Tot to spend a little time at the table while brother does school in the morning. It seems to be working so far. As long as I have a variety of things in his basket.
He enjoys this wipe off Mickey Mouse book. 
He said his colours with the lacing beads and noticed the different shapes this time, only wanting the round ones.

Reading a sing along book. 
I think it was "She'll be coming 'round the mountain", the horses in the book were a hit. 

This isn't really part of a Tot School moment but I had to include it because of how funny it looks to me. Mr. Tot's pulling a sled around pretending that it's his horse, then he walks it over to the slide and wraps the rope around it. It's cute to see that he knows to tie up a horse so it doesn't wander off. We don't have horses, we don't live anywhere near any, so where he got this one - beats me! It actually could have been from a rodeo we went to a few weeks back. 
They are like sponges, picking up things everywhere they go. 
A new thing that he started this week, is the WHY! I didn't realize the WHY could start so early. My other boy didn't say WHY till probably 3-4 years old. Well, my youngest will be 3 in October, so I guess I just answered my own question. haha

Oh Oh Oh I almost forgot.
I let the boys watch Leap Frog, Letter Factory dvd this week, and my little boy has been singing
"The A says aahh....the A says aahhh!"
Then he tries to sing a new letter like "C" and all that comes out is
 "The C says aaahhh, the C says aahh"

It's so cute! I love it!
That's it folks!
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  1. So cute as usual!!!

    As you know my boys love LeapFrog too!!

    :) Carisa



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